World record attempts always seem to attract TV reporters to the scene. It is a natural combination the breaking of a record and visual proof for the rest of the world to see. In short, world records make for great TV. Well, world record attempts make for great TV most of the time unless you have a bumbling reporter on the story.

Here is an attempt to break the world record for bubbles. I would think all you would need to break this record would be a bath tub and a great recipe for red beans and rice but obviously there is more to it than that.

The record attempt is being made with a special bubble blowing contraption and a special blend of soap, water and undisclosed substances. All that has to happen now is for the potential record breaker to make his attempt.

Obviously the TV reporter didn't get the memo for where a good place to stand was as he puts his foot in the record attempt literally. At least we got a good blooper even if we didn't set a world's record.