There is nothing like a sexy pair of high heel shoes on the feet of a beautiful woman. I also like really cool looking cowboy boots too. Now if you put sexy cowboy boots on a pretty girl I am pretty much putty in your hands. I like shoes, not as much as Krista does but still I have my share of mainly boots and running shoes. My running shoes are fitting so my feet won't hurt, my cowboy boots are fitted so my feet won't hurt, Krista's shoes are fitted because they look so darn hot no matter how they feel!

Whether they’re skyscraper stilettos, open-backed clogs, pointy-toed pumps, or just ballet flats with no arch support, we have so many shoes and so many ways to destroy our feet.

So is there a sexy sensible shoe to ease your aching toes? I bet there is and we are going to tell you how to find it!