In his State of the Parish address, Joey Durel, mentioned that Lafayette's record setting airport was fast becoming outdated. He proposed that we consider using tax dollars to improve our facility to keep up with the demand. I think that would be a wonderful idea. Perhaps improved facilities might attract more flights. More flights would mean more revenue flowing into the city. More flights would make our already attractive business climate that much more enticing. I do see a lot of benefit with this idea.

Another idea I saw came from Lake Charles' KPLC TV's Jim Serra. Jim's thought was why not create a true Acadiana regional airport that would serve the interest of not only Lafayette and Lake Charles but bring Alexandria into the mix.

These three communities form a very nice triangle of economic opportunity. Perhaps major carriers would be interested in more flights or using larger aircraft to support the combination of three smaller airports into one regional hub. Serra's idea would place the facility right in the middle of all three communities. His thinking is Jeff Davis Parish as a prime location.

As someone who travels occasionally I could find happiness with either of these solutions to South Louisiana's ever increasing need for convenient air transportation. I wonder how I would feel if I traveled several times a month like many of you do. There are certainly good points and not so good points for each solution. Which one would you support?  Would driving an extra hour for more flights and better choices be worth your time and trouble? Do you think the Lafayette Airport would be just fine with a makeover?

You might not feel like you have a dog in this fight but you do. It is your tax dollars that will ultimately be spent on one of these solutions or some other idea that we haven't been made aware of. Regardless a growing economy needs a solid transportation hub, it is the responsibility of this generation to make sure the facilities are in place for future generations.