Oh what a tangled web we weave, we all do it. Some of us do it better than others and some of us use that ability to get elected to public office.It is the art of the lie. I guess in this politically correct climate in which we live let's call it the manipulation of facts to best agree with the point of view we are trying to convey. So how can you tell if someone isn't giving you the whole truth?

Well since most communication between humans is of the non-verbal variety you just need to know what to look for. Those that are caught trying deceive often try to make themselves look smaller. They might do this by keeping their hands in their pocket or close to their sides.

You might also notice a mismatch of facial expression with the words escaping the liars lips.  In fact a dishonest person usually limits their emotional expression, especially in the face to just the mouth. They might also put an object such as a coffee cup or a a newspaper on the table between themselves their accuser as a buffer.

You might also try changing the subject . Those caught in a lie will gladly move on to a different topic while a truthful person might just be confused by the sudden change of dialogue. I think most of us have a built in crap detector, we can tell when we are being maniuplated. It still is a good idea to keep your powers of observation about you especially in business transactions or if considering a social engagement.

Ladies you also know about that pale white circle on the ring finger? There is a reason why it isn't as tan as the rest of the hand and why you should just keep moving right along.