From my own personal experience I have come across many things in my life I just don't understand about women. As much as I would love a young, nice, good looking girl; I have yet to find one that doesn't point out all of the things that scream "You're single" items in my life. 

For example my house, when we have female friends come over to hang out or stop by in between classes they always seem to tell me how they know I'm single! So I asked a lady friend to help me!

Rule 1. This Tiki skirt has to be one of the funniest things ever! but would you ever see this in a married mans house? No, exactly why that shows me you're single.












Rule 2. Your refrigerator has nothing in it except week old spaghetti and milk! If you weren't single you would have your girlfriend go shopping with you more than once every two months, and she would have thrown away that nasty spaghetti after day two.









Rule 3. Dead animals in the house! First off, what in the hell is it that 2 year olds hat doing on the horns of the deer? Second, women don't want to be eating at the table and feel like that animal might jump off the wall. Put it in a "Man Cave!"










Rule 4. Be courteous! The toilet seat is up... since when do women stand up to use the restroom? It has always been known for a lady to sit, and plus women don't enjoy reaching behind the toilet for toilet paper! Put it where it should go!









Do you think those are true signs of being a single man/boy?

Or was my "lady friend" too picky?