The problem with building ships on land is that you eventually have to get them into the water. There are several ways to launch a large vessel. You can use a slipway, that is what you and I would call a boat ramp. Only this slipways are much larger than what we find on our bayous.

Another way is the side launch in which the vessel is pushed directly into the water from the land side of the dock. This usually results in violent waves and severe bobbing of the newly launched craft and sometimes things can go very wrong.

This is one of those times things went very wrong. They didn't go wrong for the vessel. They went wrong for the photographer trying to capture the moment. What happened was the force of the ship landing in the water kicked up violent waves in a debris laden harbor. The result was a wall of water, wood and debris that was sent hurtling toward the camera man at a high rate of speed.

Just so you know this photographer escaped this incident with only  minor scrapes, cuts and bruises. Several other spectators were more seriously injured.