For me the word purse is usually proceeded by the words "could you watch my". All handbag jokes aside I know purses and clutches and kaboodles are serious business for the ladies. The right bag along with the matching shoes and look out world! So who makes a really sexy bag that adds style and flair to the wardrobe? Who makes a good look that doesn't make the purse dreadfully empty of cash? Let's look and find out together.

There are many designer purse brands available in the market, which are almost at the same quality, and each would make it to the top 10 on any other day. For the time being, however, if I were to pick the top 10 designer purses brands, well, the list would look somewhat like this.

I think purses are great if you are a lady, if you are a man and carry a purse, why not just strap on a fanny pack and go hang with Richard Simmons. Okay that was mean, I'm sorry Richard, I know you don't carry a purse or a fanny pack.