$1.5 million and $222,222.00. That's how much grant money is being issued to the Lafayette Regional Airport and to the Acadiana Regional Airport for runway rehabilitation.

"This grant will allow Lafayette Regional and Acadiana Regional to begin the process of rehabilitating their runways," says U.S. Congressman Charles Boustany. "It is important these facilities have the resources to maintain modern and high-functioning airports to support local residents and businesses."

Lafayette Regional provides flights to U.S. cities such as Dallas, Atlanta and Houston while Acadiana Regional serves as a base of operations for over 50 businesses.

Boustany points out Lafayette Regional houses 1,500 jobs at the airport, with another 300 jobs for in construction and maintenance, while Acadiana Regional supplies over 1,750 jobs to workers in Iberia Parish.

“Louisiana’s regional airports provide tremendous economic impact for the communities they serve," says Boustany. "I’ll continue fighting for our local airports as South Louisiana’s Congressman.”