Arrogant, ignorant, disgusting, sickening and many words we can't print here. That's how many people  described their impression of accused killer Quintylan Richard. He is accused of fatally shooting an off-duty Vermilion Parish Deputy Monday afternoon.

Callers to 97.3 The Dawg's Bruce and the Kennel Club show Tuesday morning expressed outrage at the arrogance Quintaylan Richard displayed on television when being questioned by KATC reporter Allison Bourne-Venneck.

51-year-old Deputy Sheriff Alan Bares was cutting grass on Monday when he noticed Richard and another man, Baylon Taylor, behaving in a suspicious manner. The vehicle they were driving had become lodged in a ditch. Bares called in a report to the Vermilion Parish Sheriffs Department and then informed Richard and Taylor that he was an officer of the law.

It was after Bares identified himself as a Deputy that it is believed Richard pulled a gun and shot him. Richard and Taylor had allegedly burglarized a home very near the area where Bares was mowing yards.

Richard was just recently released from prison less than two months ago. He had been incarcerated on charges of burglary. He and Taylor are now being held on charges of first degree murder of a police officer, unauthorized use of a moveable and burglary, and are being held without bond.

Funeral arrangements are still pending for Allen Bares, Junior. Bares was a 12-year veteran of the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office. He leaves behind his parents, a wife, and two children. Allen Bares, Junior was 51-years-old.


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