On Friday, the state of Louisiana officially enters Phase One of the federal reopening plan for businesses, but many owners may still be wondering if they are dotting their "i's" and crossing their "t's" so to speak.

One Acadiana, which is an advocate for Lafayette businesses and surrounding areas, are working to try to help owners answer questions about what they need to do to open safely. Many of these businesses have already been doing this, but things take another step forward as restaurants will be allowed 25% capacity.

The business-minded group has a wealth of resources available for small, mom-and-pop shops to larger companies operating throughout Acadiana.

One of the resources that they are making available to people is the "Economic Recovery Toolkit". The group also created something called the "Safe At Work" program to help owners and workers understand the many things they need to think about to be safe while working, and then extending that to customers.

With businesses working at 25% capacity, they are facing a variety of challenges including:

Will they get enough customers in the door to justify opening?

If they are not able to open fully will they be able to pay for rent and utilities?

How will they balance the number of employees that they need taking into account that those employees count toward the 25% capacity?

Will employees come back to work when they may be getting more pay through unemployment? Employees would be required to accept any offer made to them by their previous employer according to rules that are already in place from the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

The Workplace Readiness Playbook

The Workplace Readiness Playbook


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