If you've been seeing April 24 trending on social media, it's important that you know the disturbing details behind the viral date.

The internet is no stranger to silly, meaningless trends or challenges, but this one is different. According to multiple TikTok users, six men have allegedly been pushing April 24 as a "National Rape Day."

As horrifying as that may sound, the date has actually been trending, with the hashtag making its way beyond TikTok and going viral on other social platforms as well. While some would say that this is all just some sick joke and shouldn't be getting the type of attention that it has garnered, the truth is rape and assault are not joking matters.

Actually, any day that promotes any type of violence, assault, hate, or abuse—especially targeting specific groups of people—is abhorrent, to say the least. Furthermore, any type of celebrating or normalization of this type of culture is extremely problematic and TikTok users are using the platform to warn others about the trending April 24 date.

Basically, the swift denouncement of the April 24 date from multiple users across multiple platforms is only causing the trend to rise, but as of right now the hashtag leads to far more warnings and awareness than actual plans to partake in any type of sexual assault on the proposed date.

Additionally, TikTok saw a surge of users during the pandemic as families passed the time participating in creative trends and dance challenges, so there is a wide range of age groups on the popular social media app.

If you see any videos or hashtags connected to pushing the crime, you can report the video on TikTok. It's a bit tricky to do it, but you can "long press" the video you want to report and a hidden menu will appear. From there you will see the options to Download, Add to Favorites, or Report the Video.

From there, you can tap the icon that resembles a flag and "report" the video for promoting violence using the most appropriate reason from the menu list available.

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