In the world of sports Badminton ranks right up there with horseshoes and curling as far as sports coverage, at least in this country. I think in the United States we miss out on some really great moments because we are so focused on football.

You're right I probably wouldn't pay a lot of money go see a badminton match, unless it was a match like this one. This is totally amazing! I had trouble just keeping up with the shuttlecock on the video, I can only imagine how it must be to actually hit the darn thing.

We used to play badminton in our backyard a lot when I was a kid. Well we hit acorns with the badminton racquets at the neighbors cat but at least we were stuck in a chair playing a mindless video game.

What games did you play as a kid that your kids have no idea how to play? Tether Ball? Horseshoes? Kickball? Gee whiz! We need to get these kids outside don't we. They have no idea how much fun they are missing.