On one end of the street you'll have a revitalized and improved Cajun Field, Tigue Moore Field and the U.L. Track Complex. At the other end of the street will be one of Lafayette's prime tourist attractions, The Park at the Horse Farm.

The conduit connecting those two public places, Bertrand Drive. Could Bertrand Drive between College and Johnston go from a short cut to a a showplace? City planners and designers in Lafayette certainly think it's a possibility.

Plans are currently in the works to re-strip Bertrand Drive between College and Johnston. When that occurs the process will bring the roadway down from four lanes of traffic to three lanes of traffic and bike paths on each side. Some community leaders want to take that a step further. By adding bike paths and sidewalks to Bertrand drive this would create a natural pedestrian pathway between the Horse Farm and Cajun Field.

Let's take this a step further, if restaurants were given sidewalks and a little more room Bertrand Drive could become a showplace of restaurants, shops and stores. This could create a quaint shopping and dining area a long a strip of roadway that is no longer needed in its current capacity.

Bertrand drive was originally built as a route for motorist to get to Johnston Street. This was before College was widened and extended. Many who operate business along the roadway feel that the traffic flow on the roadway is not nearly enough for four lanes of traffic. One restaurant owner even suggested the Bertrand was a four lane road carrying two lanes of traffic.

There is funding in the works for a streetscape project for the area. Should the funding remain in place it's possible some of these ideas could begin to materialize in the next four or five years. As of now the only sure thing for Bertrand is the state's plan to re-stripe the roadway surface and reduce the lanes of travel from four to three.  That project is expected to occur later this year.