7 + 7 = 14 right? Well, yes, but not so fast. You didn't use "Number Bonds" to arrive at your answer, so you're wrong. Don't believe me? Check out this Common Core math problem...


Governor Bobby Jindal has announced a plan to introduce legislation to remove Common Core from Louisiana.

The statement made from Jindal’s office didn’t say which lawmaker would introduce the legislation on his behalf, but said that there’s a few in mind. There’s a plan in place to announce who it will be in coming weeks.

The press release said the plan would replace the controversial PARCC test, prohibit the collection of biometric information on students and force the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to comply with the Louisiana Administrative Procedures Act dealing with how it secures educational contracts.

“This legislation will help us get Common Core out of Louisiana once and for all. We will not accept this one-sized-fits-all approach to our children’s education,” Jindal said in the release. “The package of legislation will make clear that the federal government or third parties do not have control over Louisiana’s schools, and help ensure that Louisiana parents and teachers create Louisiana standards and curriculum.”

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.