A visibly frustrated Cam Newton walked out of a press conference after a 41-38 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

This isn't the first time Cam walked out of a post game press conference, causing many of his critics to reiterate the Panthers quarterback is a sore loser.

Carolina has been one of the most shocking disappointments of the 2016 NFL season, currently sitting at 1-5 after winning the NFC title and competing in last year's Super Bowl—where Cam ironically pulled a similar stunt.

This time Newton barely stuck around to answer questions from the media, exiting the post game presser after a minute and a half—approximately 59 seconds sooner than his Super Bowl 50 episode.

But even that was filled with short responses—for example,

'just trying to find a way to win the football game' and 'next question' — before departing just an estimated 90 seconds into the session.

Many feel it's hard to defend Cam Newton due to his "hot-dogging" and taunting on the field—saying that he should be able to take it if he's willing to dish it out. Just a few weeks ago he was smashed by a Falcons linebacker after teasing him earlier in the game.

For instance, this was Cam after scoring on the Saints this past Sunday.

Sean Gardner, Getty Images

Is Cam's behavior justifiable due to his obvious frustration, or do you think he's a sore loser?

[via USA Today]