With the temperatures in Acadiana routinely reaching the upper 90s right now, we're all scrambling for ways to try and stay cool. Maybe this DIY homemade bucket air conditioner is just what you're looking for.

I like this idea, if it really works, for a few different reasons which we'll talk about in a minute. This idea is cheap, easy and if it really works could just help you get some relief from these high temps and get you through the next few months.

All you need is a 5-gallon bucket, a styrofoam bucket, a cheap fan, and some ice. Oh, clearly you'll need a drill and the proper drill bit.

As you'll see in the video, this guy is actually running his with a small solar panel which is really cool but not mission-critical.

As mentioned above, I like this idea for many reasons. Seems like it could be perfect for keeping cool while you're hanging out BBQing in the backyard. You could also power this with your vehicle to stay cool tailgating. If you've got some work to do in your garage or some climbing to do in your attic, you could set up a couple of these to cool things off so you don't have a heat stroke.

If you did decide to run this with a solar panel, this could be a great addition to your hurricane preparedness checklist.

I may try making one of these this weekend. If I do I'll video it for you and let you know if it really works.