The inspection sticker on your car. You usually think about it every 13 months. The trouble with a lot of inspection stickers is they need to be replaced every 12 months. Granted, there are now some two year inspection stickers that you can get, most of us still forget to get our vehicles inspected until we are about a month late.

I would like to think that the reason most of us are lax in our inspection dedication is because we are so busy we can't remember what we need to do later today much less what we did last year. Still the inspection process for vehicles is very important. It assures that your vehicle is safe to operate on the roadways where innocent people are driving.

One way drivers of substandard vehicles are dodging the inspection process is by purchasing counterfeit stickers. These stickers cost more than the actual sticker but they don't come with the requirement of having your vehicle being safe to drive. Basically for a few dollars above reality you can get a sticker to put on a car that would cost several hundred or thousand dollars to bring up to par.

State police report that the fake stickers are hard to see from a distance but they stick out like a sore thumb from up close. There have also been reports of mechanics installing fake stickers on cars of motorist who think they are getting the real thing. State police are aware of that scam too. They say the best way to determine if you are trying to cheat or if your were cheated is to look at the vehicle. If it looks like it couldn't pass inspection then chances are you are the bad guy.

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