A few weeks, I posted about my favorite country songs that mention Louisiana.

There were quite a bit, like "Louisiana Saturday Night," "Adalida," and "Jambalaya" just to name a few.

Songwriters seem to love to mention cities and areas that have affected them in some way. And, of course, Louisiana is so unique, that their time spent here is often memorable.

When it comes to mentioning Louisiana cities and towns in country songs, I certainly can recall places like Baton Rouge and New Orleans being mentioned most often.

Lafayette referenced in songs is a lot tougher to recall. I've often wondered if it's because it's just more difficult to rhyme Lafayette with other words?

At any rate, I did some digging and found six country songs that mention Lafayette in the lyrics. Only one was a legit radio hit -- that being Mary Chapin Carpenter's "Down at the Twist and Shout."

But the other five are all pretty good tunes in their own right. Check out the complete list below and let me know if there are other country songs that mention Lafayette that I could add to this list.

Country Songs That Mention Lafayette

Did I leave a song off that you can recall? I mean, let's face it, there have been thousands and thousands of country songs recorded over the last hundred years and I sure haven't heard them all.

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