Star Wars Land, or Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge as it's more officially known, is shaping up for a 2019 opening!

The parks that are being built in both Disneyland Park in Anaheim, Ca and Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World are both set to open sometime in 2019. They are both under construction right now.

According to Yahoo!, if you stand in just the right spot at Disneyland, or look at just the right moment on a ride, you can catch glimpses of the in-development park. Well, now we've got a much better view of what's going on.

Drone footage popped up of the park being built in Disneyland. While most of it just looks like scaffolding and large construction area, you can really get a feel for how massive the park is going to be.

In my opinion, the best part about this video comes at the end when they lay over the concept art of the park over the zoomed out footage. That way you can really get an idea of what's going to go where, and see it all come to life.

Here's some concept art:

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