I hate to break the news to all of you ladies but your man has another love in his life. No it's not another woman but she is sleek, sexy, beautiful and makes the most exciting noise when he turns her one. I am speaking of his dream car. This is a story of love between a man and a car he never knew and the woman who knows him so well and loved him with her very last breath.

The Reinards of Mesa Arizona were both under the care of hospice. At the time this piece was filmed Dayton, the husband, was suffering from terminal prostate cancer. His wife, Kathleen, suffered from terminal breast cancer. Obviously Dayton and Kathleen shared an extremely special bond as this story will demonstrate. Dayton's one last wish was to ride in a Cobra Sports Car, Kathleen with only days to live herself, made this dream come true.

A ride in a car is such a simple thing but in this case it was the ride of a lifetime. We should all be so fortunate as to be loved like this. In a world where hate and greed and corruption dominate what we have to deal with everyday it is so refreshingly wonderful to see that in the end only love is in fact real.

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