An undercover police operation executed to curtail illegal drug trade on Grand Isle has netted the arrest of 20 people. Among those arrested in the operation were two members of the Grand Isle Fire Department.

Authorities in Jefferson Parish acting on tips that illegal drugs and alcohol sales were occurring on the island executed the operation in hopes capturing those that were involved. Among the 20 people that were taken in and charged was the Chief of the Grand Isle Fire Department. Chief Aubrey Chiasson and one other member of the department, Patrick Santinny, were arrested on charges of possession of marijuana.

The arrests were the culmination of an undercover operation that had been in place for several months. According to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand,

"We were able to get two undercover agents that worked for the sheriffs office embedded in the island and they started their work roughly three or four months ago and began making undercover purchases of drugs."

Normand's remarks were reported in a story by the Louisiana Radio Network. Two other individuals are still being sought in connection with this undercover operation.