The Louisiana Republican party wasted no time in responding to Edwin Edwards Congressional announcement.

LAGOP executive director Jason Dore says while Edwards may be a well known figure, he is well known for all the wrong reasons.
"The people of Louisiana have long ago rejected the politics of Edwin Edwards and Huey Long," Dore says. "We have tried for decades to shed the negative image of corruption. Edwin Edwards's antics are fit for a reality TV show, but not for public office."
Shortly after Edwards's announcement, the LAGOP issued a press release citing the fact that under the Edwards Administration, Louisiana saw higher taxes, increased gambling and culture of corruption. Dore says he feels that many Louisiana voters may forgive the former governor, but they won't forget.
"The people of Louisiana are forgiving people, but Governor Edwards, his sins were against the people of the state," Dore says. "He used the office of the Governor to enrich himself. And while they may forgive you, they don't want to put you back in that seat to make the same mistakes."
Dore says although the circus-like atmosphere surrounding Edwards's announcement might make for good headlines and late show monologues, he ultimately believes the Republican party will win this race.

"I believe we have a strong field of candidates in this congressional district," Dore says. "In the end we will. It's just a shame the people of Louisiana are being subjected to this kind of reality TV show in their public office."

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