Luke decided he would share with me what really "drove him crazy" on the way to work. "Is it just me or does it really bother you when people decide not to use a turn signal?"

He finds he is always saying

"I know that comes with a turn signal!"  If anything it's just a courtesy to other drivers.  If I would switch lanes without telling people where I'm going, I'm sure I'd get quite a bit of obscenities thrown my way!


Maybe, just maybe, that one car you're stuck behind has one that "just burnt out."

Kind of late notice there! I already came inches away from rear-ending you, or God forbid, I actually rear-end you! Regardless of your turn signal or lack thereof, the accident would still be my fault!

Please, please drive safe, folks. Pay attention to everything around you when you're driving! I've seen far too many accidents in the past few weeks that could have been avoided just by being a bit of a defensive driver!