Last night (Tuesday 11/4/14) and this morning LUS Fiber suffered a severe service attack which denied service to subscribers. DNS (Domain Name Service) servers were overwhelmed by a flood of data from different sources.

LUS Fiber Director Terry Huval said,

I want to reassure our customers that unlike highly publicized attacks on Target and Bank of America, no customer data was compromised, as attackers were apparently interested in making a sport out of intentionally impacting our internet service through overload.

Huval went on to say,

This internet outage is not due to the failure of equipment or is an indication that such attackers continue to evolve. LUS Fiber has secured specialized equipment to help deter this and future attacks of this nature and restore services to their previous level.

Huval suggested reactivating your internet connection by unplugging your router, waiting 30 seconds and then replugging the power. This process will reconfigure the router to another DNS server.

If you continue having problems after resetting your router call LUS Fiber at 99-FIBER.

Federal authorities have been contacted regarding this cyber attack.

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