From the "I could've told you that" department, apparently it took a new study to uncover that it costs more to raise a girl than a boy.

Of course, we probably didn't realize how much more. According to this study, it costs $37,000 more to raise that little belle of the bayou from when she's born until she's 18 than it does to raise a boy.

It costs an average of $98,500 to raise a boy and $135,000 to raise a girl.

Now I feel really sorry for my little brother -- he has three girls! ;)

And the reason for the cost difference is as you probably expected. It's all the extra money parents spend on clothes, toiletries, cosmetics and more.

The only place where parents spend more on boys than girls is on tech products.

One more nugget from the study. Parents spend an average of 21% of their income directly on buying stuff for their kids.

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