Carly Pearce didn't have to search very far for inspiration for her last album, 29: Written in Stone. Once she decided to be vulnerable about experiencing divorce at the age of 29, the songs came like a flood.

Although it was a heartbreaking chapter and one that has caused her to put up some walls when it comes to love, Pearce wouldn't be opposed to going through it again — well, at least in the name of music.

"As a writer, I wish I could go through a divorce every time I make a new album, because it makes you feel so inspired," she shares with while speaking about working on a new album.

"But I think what I learned through making that record is, people wanna hear how I see the world. They wanna hear what I’m going through. From [age] 29 to 32, almost 33, there’s been a lot of life that I’ve intentionally kept more private. [Now], people say to me, 'Oh my gosh, you’re so happy, but we’re not gonna get those Carly Pearce heartbreak songs.'"

The emotional toll of a marriage ending doesn't just reveal itself during the separation process — it can surface in the next relationship. Opening up to a new person can open old wounds. It's an odd juxtaposition of happiness and heartache, excited about what's next, but mourning what was lost.

"Honestly, yes, you can be happy and struggle to get there. I think there are songs that are reflective, there are songs that are nostalgic, there are songs that are in love and happy. But you don’t realize how much you’ve been affected until you try to love somebody else. I don’t think that’s a topic that’s really talked about, but it’s something that I think a lot of people go through, and I kind of share my take on that," Pearce explains.

"Trust Issues" is a new song the Kentucky native has talked about and shared at a recent show. In it, Pearce is letting her guard down with a new flame who makes her forget that she ever had trust issues in the first place. It's hopeful and filled with excitement, but there is a twinge of pain in her words as she remembers what her last relationship put her though.

The "Never Wanted to Be That Girl" singer divorced fellow artist Michael Ray in 2020 after a short marriage that began in 2019.

Recently, she has shared a few photos on social media of her new love interest, Riley King, who's a real estate agent in Nashville. The two have attended a few awards shows together, and he has accompanied her on the road, including traveling to Cancun, Mexico, for her Crash My Playa festival performance.

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