Jelly Roll is one of the fastest rising names in country music right now. He's taken the format by storm in the last year, and now is gearing up to release his first full-length country project. Whitsitt Chapel, on June 2.

However, Jelly Roll has been in the music game for quite some time. He's released plenty of tracks that fall into other genres, like rock, rap and trap, but the writing has been on the wall for his foray into country music.

From his collection of albums under the name Waylon & Willie to his song titles (looking at you, "Johnny and June") that could easily be found on a country music album, Jelly Roll has proven he's always been a fan of the music.

His songwriting is also reminiscent of the old adage that country music is simply "three chords and the truth." Jelly Roll has never shied away from being vulnerable. Although the content can be considered abrasive at times — a few songs feature some colorful language — it falls right in line with the authenticity country music fans crave.

Artist who are willing to sing about the hard things in life are finding more success in this era. Those consuming the music want to feel seen, and Jelly Roll's ability to be transparent is what has captivated both the fans and his peers. Even his no-holds-barred approach to delivering those tough lyrics makes him all the more appealing as an artist.

So, let's dive into some songs that predicted Jelly Roll's move to country music.

11 Songs that Foreshadowed Jelly Roll's Country Music Career

Jelly Roll has taken the country music world by storm over the past year, and he will release his first full-length country album, Whitsitt Chapel, on June 2. Before he jumps right into the deepend of the genre, let's take a walk down memory lane. There are 11 songs that seemed to foreshadow his country music career.

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