As a country star, Kane Brown is on tour for most of the year, and his wife Katelyn and two young daughters often join him.

Since they're spending so much time on the road, the family has a second home in their new tour bus, which Katelyn designed and customized specifically for their needs.

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The superstar's wife and "Thank God" duet partner treated fans to a tour of the family's home on the road in a video on Instagram account this week.

Katelyn, who is a singer herself and is featured on the star's recent No. 1 duet, begins the tour at the front of the bus, were the driver sits. As she's chatting, Kane enters and shows off his favorite spot: The coach at the front that reclines into a laid back position.

"Actually, I'm gonna take a nap now," he jokes.

Katelyn takes fans on the rest of the tour, explaining that she modeled the decor after their home in Nashville, and that the bus features a "light and airy" feel with mostly white, gray and cedar wood tones.

Everything in the bus is tailored to the needs of their family. The main room features a long couch in a soft, almost velvet material, which is more comfortable for their toddler daughters than their previous leather couch.

The bus doesn't have a full dining table, as Katelyn says they don't eat many meals while in transport, but there is a smaller table where their daughters can eat snacks. The table also pulls out from the couch, should Katelyn and Kane need to eat there.

The kitchen has a farmhouse sink, where 1-year-old Kodi gets her baths, and there are bunk beds for the kids to sleep in. Kodi sleeps on a bottom bunk that has a mesh divider that zips over the bunk opening and protects her from falling out. The Browns' 3-year-old daughter, Kingsley, sleeps across from her sister in a bottom bunk as well.

The bus also includes two other bunks for anyone else traveling with them, as well as a hall bathroom. Of course, there's an immense amount of storage, with a large closet for suitcases and travel items and a closet specifically for diapers and kids' items.

Katelyn also shows her and Kane's bedroom, including their customized bed with built-in dog crates underneath. Their portion of the bus also features a large bathroom with a tiled shower and plenty of storage and a closet for their clothes.

Kane Brown and his family will be utilizing their family tour bus quite a bit this year as he continues his Drunk or Dreaming Tour, which runs through the spring and summer.

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