Kevin Costner's new film Horizon: An American Saga is not off to a great start — at least, according to box office numbers. In its opening weekend, the first installment of the four-part series brought in just $11 million. It's a low number, given the project's budget was nearly 10 times that at $100 million.

How Did Horizon Perform at the Box Office?

Horizon arrived in theaters on Friday, June 28 and finished third among movies that were available the weekend of June 28-30. Inside Out 2 brought in $57 million in its third week and A Quiet Place: Day One opened in second with $53 million.

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Despite the low number, Costner says he's not worried.

"I've lived with movies and what happens to them on their opening weekend," he tells Entertainment Weekly. "If we put so much pressure on that, we're bound to be disappointed. I'm really happy that Horizon looks like what it's supposed to look like, and that's the way it'll look the rest of its life. And that's really important to me in this process.

"Would I love that it would be highly, highly successful? Of course, I'd like that. My ego would like that; everyone would like that. But I am happiest that the movie that you and I are talking about looks the way I want it to look," he adds.

Kevin Costner attends the US Premiere of "Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1"
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

What's Next for Kevin Costner's Film Horizon?

Costner's comments about the film's opening weekend confirm his dedication to the project. The actor put up $38 million of his own money to make the film because he believed in the concept so much. He also directed and starred in it.

The entire story is expected to arrive in four chapters, with Chapter 2 already scheduled for an Aug. 16, 2024 release. Entertainment Weekly also reports that Costner has already completed 13 days of production on Chapter 3.

"I satisfied myself that it's as good if not better than Chapter 1," Costner says of the film's sequel.

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