A case of mistaken identity gets Luke Combs in hot water in a hilarious, just-for-fun skit that the singer posted to social media on Sunday (March 26.)

All Combs wanted was to go to a record store and buy a copy of his new album, Gettin' Old, but things quickly went awry, and his "PR guy" filmed it all. In the video, Combs walks into his local record store, wearing a Reba McEntire ball cap, and the man behind the cash register -- aka Caleb Pressley of sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports -- immediately recognizes him -- or maybe not.

"Wait, I know you...we went to high school together," the cashier says, as he's labeling copies of Gettin' Old with price tags. "You were that muscular guy."

Combs denies the memory, but the cashier keeps insisting that Combs was the "muscular guy" from high school -- a playful nod the star's heavier physique -- and goes on to say that not only did the two go to school together, but Combs even dated his sister. "You left her for that teacher with the big boobs!" the guy continues, with Combs telling him he's mistaken with every new development in the story.

From there, things only get worse. First, the sister walks in, saying she "couldn't sleep last night" because she was "on cocaine" and disparagingly regarding Combs as "chunky." "You still with that nerd with the big boobs?" she adds, as the first cashier chimes in with "Ms. Milkerson."

"Y'all got me confused with somebody else," Combs counters. "I'm a family man. I got a baby and everything."

But right on cue, enter "Ms. Milkerson" -- and the tensions just keep escalating even further. Ultimately, a brawl breaks out between the two women, and when Combs tries to break it up, the cashier's sister goes right for his throat.

All in all, it's just about a worst-case scenario outcome for what started out as a small way for the singer to celebrate his new album's release day. Fortunately, it's all just a joke: In real life, Combs' new music has much more to do with reflecting on life's changing seasons than it has to do with getting into small-town brawls.

Like anyone, though, Combs has a fighting side: In fact, he told Taste of Country about the first time he ever got punched in the face -- in real life -- in a recent interview about his new record. Gettin' Old came out on Friday (March 24.)

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