New dad Scotty McCreery is booked as direct support for Brooks & Dunn's 2023 Reboot Tour, but that doesn't mean he needs to be apart from his 5-month-old son Avery while he's on the road. He has a custom-designed "baby bus" built to suit the needs of his youngest roadie, and he even got to test it out during his current Damn Strait Tour.

"The baby bus is rocking," McCreery tells Taste of Country during a conversation promoting his new partnership with USCellular. "It's on the road now."

The baby bus is already paying dividends — McCreery got to bring little Avery onstage during an early-February show, while he covered John Michael Montgomery's "Be My Baby Tonight" — but the singer admits he and his wife Gabi were a little nervous their first night in their new setup.

"We've got a little crib set up for Avery in one of the bunks. First night he slept in there, me and Gabi did not sleep much on the bus, because we were constantly checking the monitor to see how he was doing. But he was a rock star," McCreery reports. "He slept the whole way through."

So far, little Avery seems to be exhibiting a "go-with-the-flow" mentality, the singer adds, and that's a trait that will serve him well as a country music baby.

"I think he's liking the bus, and I'm glad, because I don't think he's gonna have much of a choice but to be a road baby," the proud dad jokes. "But so far, so good."

When he's not sleeping in his crib, McCreery and Gabi have pulled out all the stops to make the bus feel like home. "We've brought all his playpens and toys, stuff that makes it feel like his room back home," he explains. "He can have his same smells and sights and sounds. And we have the dog out there, too, so we have one of those portable things we can set up where we can sit outside. So we're not cooped up on the bus."

And when the 2023 Reboot Tour dates kick off in May, little Avery will get the chance to meet two country legends. McCreery's wife Gabi will be out on the road with them, but when Avery's mom needs a break, maybe the Brooks & Dunn bandmates can even test out their babysitting skills.

"I know Kix [Brooks] a little more from doing his radio show with him sometimes," McCreery responds, when asked which of the Brooks & Dunn duo would make for a better babysitter. "I might be a little more comfortable [with him.] But both of them would be great. Great fatherly influences. I'm sure Ronnie [Dunn] would show him the ropes, too — show him his cowboy ways."

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