JEANERETTE, La. (999 KTDY) - Imagine getting kicked out of your own home by visitors who have decided it's okay that they have invaded your space, and they aren't giving up.

Believe it or not, this is the case for a family in Jeanerette whose home has been invaded by thousands of honeybees according to KLFY.

Used to women in the 60s wore Beehive hairdos, but this beehive really takes the cake. And the family members aren't getting close enough to get stung by a honeybee. Those stings hurt.

Annie Lively, who lives in the home, says they had to leave because there are so many bees in the house making a nest.

I can't imagine how this must have played out for the woman. She told Channel 10 she woke up one morning to find hundreds of bees had started making their nest and the problem just continues to grow!

She adds that they have always had bees on their property and near their house but on the outside of the home. She says they have lived at the Jeanerette home for about ten years with her family, and they are no strangers to bees.

Lively told KLFY,

At first, they weren't inside the home at first second time it was inside the home and when the chief came, it stung me and my baby. I never started seeing them until like two or three years ago. She said it has been going on with this tree in the back of the house.

Orkin says that the sting of a honeybee is powerful and painful. You'll deal with it and live, but if you happen to be allergic to their venom it could be life-threatening. Click here to learn all about honeybees.

What happens now? Lively is asking for help from anyone or any group that can get the colony out of the home.

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