In the perfect blend of internet fame meets country music stardom, Hailey Welch, introduced to the world just a couple of weeks ago as the “Hawk Tuah” girl, made a grand appearance on stage with country superstar Zach Bryan. It all went down at Bryan’s 'Quittin Time' Tour concert at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium.

Welch, who became an overnight internet sensation with her humorous and now-famous “Hawk Tuah” catchphrase, was invited by Bryan to join him during his encore performance of “Revival.” The audience erupted with excitement as Welch stepped on stage, outfitted in white cowboy boots, cut-off jeans, a cowboy hat, and holding a drink. Despite a few lyrical stumbles, she even dropped a special "Hawk Tuah" to the crowd's delight.

This was technically Welch’s first public appearance since her viral video. Despite not profiting from the video itself, Welch’s newfound fame has opened numerous doors, including this most recent opportunity to be a one-night-only backup singer for Bryan. Her brand manager revealed that Welch has already sold over $65,000 in "Hawk Tuah" merchandise, which is probably only the beginning of what she will stand to make from her now-viral catchphrase.

The 'Hawk Tuah' girl wasn't the only highlight of the night.

According to Rolling Stone, the Nashville concert also saw a surprise appearance by Kacey Musgraves, who performed “I Remember Everything” with Bryan, making it an unforgettable night for those in attendance. Bryan successfully managed to deliver diverse guest appearances, from rock legends to internet celebrities.

The collaboration between Welch and Bryan is just another example of the intersection between internet culture and traditional entertainment. Welch’s viral fame, born from a humorous Instagram interview, got her on stage with Bryan—so who knows where she'll end up next.

Thanks to the 'Hawk Tuah' girl's knack for keeping the internet's attention, I'm sure we'll know when it happens.

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