A video of a woman throwing a tantrum is going viral after her boyfriend reportedly broke up with her mid-flight.

While the video has been shared multiple times across numerous platforms, the general consensus is that this woman is screaming bloody murder after being dumped by her boyfriend at 30,000 feet.

If you've ever been around another couple arguing, fighting, or simply in the midst of a heated disagreement, you know how awkward that situation can get.

Allow me to be clear that this is NOT that.

Passengers on an airplane were disrupted by screams from a female after she was allegedly dumped by her boyfriend during the flight. Not only did the woman shriek at insane volumes but she dropped to the floor, collapsing in the aisle as flight attendants stood nearby.

Concerned groans could be heard throughout the cockpit as the chaotic scene continued to unfold.

At one point, flight attendants tried to restrain the woman but her high-pitched screams continued as she seems to swing at the man who reportedly broke her heart. Eventually, the woman seems to gather herself but then begins yelling at her boyfriend again.

The man at the center of the dramatic viral video seems to remain calm throughout the woman's tantrum. As far as I know, there were no statements released by American Airlines but there has been plenty of speculation and hot takes in the comments on every platform and page where the video has been posted.

Some people dissed the alleged boyfriend saying that he should have known better than to break up with her on a flight with other passengers when he was fully aware that she was capable of this type of meltdown.

Others said her reaction was probably why he was breaking up with her on a plane in the first place.

Then there were those who called his move strategic, wondering how she would have reacted in private if she was willing to make this type of scene in public.

Someone also pointed out that the American Airlines vest was "ground crew attire," suggesting that maybe the plane was already on the ground.

Hopefully, that was the case because I've honestly watched this video no less than 10 times and could not imagine how the flight crew or the couple could have made it through another minute of this meltdown.

Although, if it was on the ground before the plane took off to their destination, maybe this was the best plan knowing the woman would be removed.

Either way, it's a sad situation all around and I'm sure we'll either get the full story or a lot more interesting theories as the video continues to go viral.

By the way, it's not the first time a mid-flight breakup has happened. A woman went viral once for live-tweeting a breakup and the thread was pretty epic.

How does this compare to the worst breakup you've either experienced or witnessed? I'm curious to know if it was anything like this.

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