Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - “A Little Book About Fire” looks, at first glance, like a sweet message with adorable illustrations. The story behind the story written by a Lafayette, Louisiana, resident goes much deeper and has a tale of its own to tell. 

The book was published in the summer of 2023 and is available on Amazon. The description reads, in part: 

With quirky illustrations and reflections, it's a little book that feels like a best friend who can see the real you and believes in everything you can be. 

Aileen Bennett

The book’s author Aileen Bennett, a native of London, England, says it was written during a particularly difficult time in her life. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and used the writing as an outlet while she was going through chemotherapy treatments. 

Writing was not familiar to her as an illustrator, so she wrote it and put it away, never intending to do anything with it. 

Bennett made it through the grueling process of cancer treatment and life continued. 

Interestingly, you won't hear her refer to her cancer journey as a battle. She endured it and came through, and life goes on.

Aileen Bennett
Courtesy Aileen Bennett

An illustrator and creative mind, she continued with numerous projects, including sketching wonderful accompanying images for other books. She was working with a publisher on each of these creations and, one day, mustered the courage to send the publisher a note. 

Essentially, the email said,

Hey, would you take a look at this? 

To which the publisher replied,

Yes! Let’s do it. 

Bennett, who has also been a motivational speaker, is known for telling people that you only need to be courageous for a relatively brief moment, thirty seconds or two minutes, to accomplish great things. 

All she needed to do was hit “send.” 

Thankfully, she did, and “A Little Book About Fire” began its path to the hands of readers who have fallen in love. 

Bennett says the 300-word story has held different meanings for each person who has read it. The reviews on Amazon are glowing, no pun intended. 

Readers express their individual opinions in Amazon Reviews.

Truly a book for EVERY PERSON of EVERY AGE. Sometimes we need to be reminded of even the most basic truths. Here's your reminder...



#alittlebookaboutfire ~Heidi

A Little Book About Fire

At any age, everyone needs a reminder about the spark that makes us unique and allows our purpose to shine brightly. This book is so clever with insightful illustrations that resonate loudly! Thank you Aileen Bennett for sharing perspective, promise, honesty, and JOY! Bravo!  ~Jill

A Little Book About Fire

This wonderful book beautifully describes what powers us all and how we can connect with each other. Perfect for any reader.  ~Tessa

A Little Book About Fire

The book is available at several local stores across Lafayette, as well as on Amazon. 

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