NEW YORK (KPEL News) - Wildfires in Canada have been sending a lot of smoke our way, with major American cities like New York looking almost apocalyptic.

Hundreds of wildfires have been burning around Canada, from British Columbia and Alberta in the west, as well as Nova Scotia and Quebec in the east. But while Canada is in turmoil, American cities are also struggling under a thick blanket of smoke.

Photos from New York City show just how bad it is, like this image from Times Square.

Just how smoked-filled are the skies above New York? Here's a look at Times Square.
Credit: Pio Ferro

According to WSYR in Syracuse:

The Air Quality Index, or AQI, jumped to 172 for Syracuse Tuesday afternoon, which is an unhealthy level for everyone regardless of overall health conditions. New York City ranked among the worst air quality in the world Tuesday, according to IQAir.

The most recent update, however, shows the Air Quality Index in Syracuse is 411, which is deemed hazardous.

It's not much better in the rest of the northeast.

Will Louisiana Be Impacted

The good news for Louisiana is that current weather patterns show the smoke cycling out to the Atlantic rather than dipping further down south. Multiple weather maps, including an interactive one at the New York Times website, shows wind patterns taking the haze out to see, but some of that haze could get as low as North Carolina.

But Louisiana isn't without risk. Back in 2021, Louisiana's national forest, Kisatchie, saw several wildfires.

What to Do During an Air Quality Alert

Follow these simple tips to stay safe when there is an air quality alert, according to the National Weather Service.

  • Stay Informed. Listen to NOAA Weather Radio or your favorite weather news station
  • Stay inside if possible, particularly if you have respiratory concerns or other health problems, are a senior or child
  • If you must go out, try to limit the amount of time you are out to strictly essential activities
  • Minimize your use of items that increase pollution, such as cars, gas powered lawn mowers and other vehicles
  • Do not burn debris or other items during an air quality alert

10 Tips To Prevent Wildfires

Smokey The Bear said it best, "only you can prevent wildfires." Well, it's a lot easier said than done, Smokey. Great name for a bear trying to warn us about fire hazards, by the way.

In order to prevent wildfires, you have to first know how they can be prevented. Here are 10 tips provided by the Department Of Interior that will help you in your every day life, so you can enjoy being outside, camping, and having bonfires without it turning into a problem.

Here are their 10 tips, along with some simplified explanations from me.

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