A Lafayette Parish school janitor was arrested after communicating with what he believed to be a minor online in a sexual manner.

According to the Concordia Parish Sheriff's Department, the CPSO Cyber Crime unit began their investigation on June 17, focusing on an individual adult subject who was engaging in lewd conversation and requesting photos from someone he believed to be a minor.

Once authorities could positively identify the individual, it was determined that Cody Allen Talley, 37, Carencro, was also employed by the Lafayette Parish School Board as a janitor. Allen was arrested and charged with indecent behavior with juveniles.

Although the Concordia Parish authorities busted Allen, the Carencro Police Department arrested him, booked him into the Lafayette Parish jail, and ultimately extradited him to Concordia Parish.

We’ve contacted LPSS to confirm Talley’s employment status within the school district.

Concordia Parish authorities thanked Lafayette Parish officials and the Carencro Police Department for their swift assistance.

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