Two of Acadiana's prominent Catholic educational institutions, Teurlings Catholic High School and Opelousas Catholic School, are experiencing significant shifts in leadership, stirring mixed reactions among parents, students, and faculty.

Teurlings Catholic High School Faces a New Era

After 27 years at the helm, Teurlings Catholic High School's Principal, Mike Boyer, will be stepping down at the end of this academic year. This announcement, shared in a heartfelt letter to parents by Chancellor Rev. Kyle White, marks the end of an era for the school. Rev. White acknowledges Boyer's pivotal role in the school's growth and the surprising nature of this news to the TCHS community.

Rev. White, in his letter, emphasized the need for a leader who can integrate Catholic values comprehensively into the school's fabric, encompassing classrooms, athletic fields, extracurricular activities, and students' lives beyond the campus. This shift comes amid broader societal changes, where Catholic values increasingly face challenges. The school, under new leadership, aims to realign with its core values of communion, truth, virtue, and mercy.

Dear TCHS Parents,

 It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that this will be Mr. Boyer’s last year as principal at TCHS. Mr. Boyer has served as our principal for the past 27 years and has played an integral role in each of our lives. Our campus and our Rebel family have grown much over the years, and much of this is due to Mr. Boyer’s leadership. He will forever be remembered as a beloved principal in TCHS history.

 I’m aware that this news may come as a shock to some of you. Our Catholic education system faces new challenges as our society becomes less and less accommodating to Catholic values. These challenges require us to rethink and refocus our efforts to form lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ in a world that often rejects faith. We are striving for a school culture that is fully aligned with our Catholic identity, particularly expressed through our core values of Communion, Truth, Virtue, and Mercy. We want these values to breathe through everything that we do, which includes the classroom, athletic competition, extracurricular activities, and even our everyday choices off campus. The Board of Pastors has decided that transitioning to a new leader at this time will bring us closer to this vision.

We are grateful that Mr. Boyer will finish the academic year. In the meantime, I will begin a recruitment process for our next leader. This process will include the creation of a search committee, a job posting, a national search, and a robust interview process. Both internal and external candidates will be considered. I ask for your support during this time of change and that you please be patient with our process. We will be thorough and prayerful, allowing the Holy Spirit to help us choose our next leader for TCHS.

Lastly, I also want to be especially sensitive to those of you who may have questions, concerns, or fears. With a great desire to be supportive to you and your children during this time, I encourage you to talk to them about this transition. Allow them time to verbalize themselves and listen to them. This is an opportunity for all of us to process unanticipated change through a rational lens and to navigate emotions in a healthy way. Please know that your children are our priority, and our desire is for a positive and peaceful transition. If you’d like to schedule a time to meet with me personally, please email me at ( Otherwise, please keep our Rebel family in prayer as we begin this transition process. Our God is good and he will continue to provide for us!


Kyle White

TCHS Chancellor

A thorough search for Boyer's successor is underway, involving a search committee, job postings, and an extensive interview process, with both internal and external candidates being considered. Rev. White urges the school community to support this transition and invites parents to discuss these changes with their children, acknowledging the emotions and uncertainties such transitions can bring.

Opelousas Catholic School in Mid-Year Leadership Transition

Opelousas Catholic School is also undergoing a leadership overhaul. Principal Marty Heintz and High School Assistant Principal Kristy Guidry are set to depart at the semester's end. Chancellor Neil Pettit, in his communication, did not specify the reasons behind Heintz's departure, while noting that Guidry is exploring other career opportunities.

In the interim, Elementary Assistant Principal Matt Citron will assume the principal's role until permanent replacements are found. Pettit expressed gratitude towards Heintz and Guidry for their dedication and service and called for prayers for both the outgoing administrators and the school's future.

Community Reactions and the Road Ahead

These leadership changes have sparked a variety of responses within the school communities. Some express concern over the timing and nature of these transitions, while others see it as an opportunity for renewal and reinvigoration of the schools' missions.

As both schools navigate these significant changes, the focus remains on maintaining a stable and nurturing educational environment for students and upholding the schools' commitment to Catholic education.

We'll post more updates as the recruitment processes progress and new leaders are announced.

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