Jamie Bergeron and the Kickin' Cajuns were the featured performers at this year's Stone Energy/United Way of Acadiana Gumbo Cookoff, but these kids provided the "Aw, cher" factor!

Studying at the Brazos Huval School of Music in Breaux Bridge, these kids are honing their skills on their respective instruments and are able to mete out a decent Cajun concert.

Closest to the camera (and the one who looked like he did NOT want to be there) was Ivan Aucoin on the drum. Next is Olivia O'Brien on guitar, Jace Gouls on accordian, Ivan's brother Asthon Aucoin on fiddle, and Javin Gary is on the far side with the scrub board.

I only recorded a smidgen of their performance. They were so cute, and pretty good, too!

(Youtube/99.9 KTDY)