The Louisiana House Transportation Committee has approved legislation that involves using automated cameras to police Interstate Highways in our state. While the legislation that will be sent to the full house for debate does prohibit some instances of "cop by camera" the legislation does allow for certain offenders to be ticketed using the devices.

The bill does contain a provision where by motorist traveling more than 10 miles per hour above the posted speed can be photographed and ticketed. Those who argued for a more extensive use of electronic surveillance suggested that the presence of the devices increased roadway safety and decreased accidents.

Those who argued against the use of automated devices suggested that the cameras were simply a way for government to put money in the coffers while draining the wallets of hard working Louisiana citizens.  New Orleans Representative Jeff Arnold made this statement regarding the cameras.

"Do you want to know a dirty governmental secret? Traffic cameras put government revenue over our constituent's rights."

Arnold's comments were reported to the Louisiana Radio Network. The legislation even if passed by the full house would have no effect on Lafayette's red light camera program. This legislation has a jurisdiction that is limited to Louisiana's interstate highways.

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