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Common Core. I know it has something to do with education. Depending upon who you talk to it either is a good thing for our kids or a not so good thing for our kids. The debate over common core in the state of Louisiana has been so polarizing that the courts have had to get involved. Even court rulings aren't enough to quell the firestorm of controversy over this particular subject.

A group of Louisiana lawmakers who are opposed to common core are traveling today to Oklahoma. Their mission is to find out what steps that state took to remove federal common core standards from the state supported educational standards.

"We'll go out there and visit with them and their staff just to go over some things that worked for them,we want to see if we can incorporate some of those ideas into what we have tried in the past and what we're planning on trying out in the next session."

Those are the words of Lake Charles Representative Brett Geymann who spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network.

Geymann says he and other leaders will be meeting with Oklahoma legislators who passed bills to remove what Geymann and many others believe are a federal intrusion into something that should be monitored on the state level.

Geymann says he hopes the information learned on this trip will provide guidance for Louisiana legislators who are seeking sensible solutions to remove the common core guidelines from the state's educational programs.