Louisiana State University held graduation ceremonies at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center on the school's campus over the weekend, but things didn't go as smoothly as planned. An auto-generated closed captioning system made a number of errors on the big screen that left many in attendance confused.

See one instance from the ceremony posted to Twitter by @brignac_cole on Twitter below.

Apparently, the closed captioning system heard "Big Mac" instead of "Brignac". Ok, so one mistake can be expected. On with the ceremony, right? Wrong!

See even more instances from @evansaacks on Twitter here.

These instances show the auto-generated system putting up a presumed misrepresentation of "Cum Laude" in a couple of different ways like, "Coon loud" and "summa c** laude". One spelling of a student's name even reverted to "Coronavirus".

OK - One more example for good measure...

"Austin be a burden" must have gotten some serious laughs in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center on the Baton Rouge campus. But, were those in charge of the event at LSU laughing as the ceremony seemingly turned into a bit of a joke?

Check out @LSU response to the viral social media post here.

From the reactions I have seen on social media, most graduates laughed off the mishap as they rounded out their college careers as Tigers. Personally, I would not have cared very much if the system screwed up my name on the big screen during graduation.

To be honest, I hardly remember my college graduation day. I kind of wish something memorable like this would have happened to make the day less boring. Nevertheless, LSU has some work to do if they plan on using this closed captioning software again in the future.

So, congratulations to all of those college graduates out there - especially Olivia "Big Mac" Brignac and everyone else who had their names twisted on the big screen for all to enjoy.

Now, all of my recent high school graduates out there - don't let this story scare you off from the unique college experience you may have. Just use some of the helpful transition tips below!

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