Ahhh Spring Break! A time of relaxation, sleeping in, partying with friends, and forgetting about life's responsibilities.  Spring break is in less than two weeks! Here is the 4-1-1 to make your spring break trip a great one.

First of all, being at the beach is the most popular thing.  Many college kids either go to Cancun, Panama City, or Destin Beach.  So if your looking for a great way to spend your week vacation, take a road trip to the beach with friends.

Whether you are in Cancun, Panama City or Destin, make sure to take full advantage of the great night life each place has to offer.  Coco Bongo in Cancun, Club LaVela in Panama City, or Nighttown in Destin are well known in each area.

Another great thing to do on spring break is a deep sea fishing trip.  Either off the coast of Louisiana or in Florida, deep sea fishing is a great activity.  Make sure to bring plenty of sun screen and ice cold beer!

Some college kids would rather stay at home, instead of spending most of their money taking a vacation.  So, if you're someone who is planning on staying home but trying to think of something to do: Have a crawfish boil with friends.  Crawfish boils are an awesome way to bring people together and socialize. Not to mention, the price of crawfish decreases a good amount the day after Easter Sunday.


Above all, always remain aware of your surroundings and be safe.  Make spring break 2012 a week to never forget!