Hopefully, the weather for Mardi Gras this year is going to be the best we've had in a few years. The better weather is definitely going to bring out crowds in record numbers. Bigger crowds also creates the need for more law enforcement to keep everyone safe along the parade routes. Keep your cell phones ready to record video at a moments notice, because you never know when you might happen upon the next "Wobble Cop".

This video hit the internet three years ago showing New Orleans police officers joining in with the crowds at Mardi Gras to do "The Wobble". It instantly went viral, and watching it below, you can see why.

If you weren't feeling the Mardi Gras spirit yet this year, just watch these cops dancing on the parade route, and you be ready to yell "Throw me something Mister" in no time.

Make sure to watch all the way through, because these cops start throwing some serious hips towards the end.