Travel + Leisure Magazine has come out with their 'World's Best Cities' issue, and New Orleans has been voted in at #7 worldwide, and #2 in America! There are 79 categories for awards, voted on by readers, and that includes worldwide rankings and regional lists.

There are actually only two cities in the United States that are represented on the 'Worldwide' list, with Charleston, South Carolina coming in at #1. Check out the rest of the rankings below, and congrats to our fellow Louisianians down I-10!


Worldwide Best Cities

  1.  Charleston, South Carolina
  2.  Chiang Mai, Thailand
  3.  San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  4.  Florence, Italy
  5.  Luang Prabang, Laos
  6.  Kyoto, Japan
  7.  New Orleans, Louisiana
  8.  Barcelona, Spain
  9.  Savannah, Georgia
  10.  Cape Town, South Africa


Best Cities in America

  1.  Charleston, South Carolina
  2.  New Orleans, Louisiana
  3.  Savannah, Georgia
  4.  Santa Fe, Mexico
  5.  Nashville, Tennessee
  6.  San Francisco, California
  7.  Chicago, Illinois
  8.  New York City, New York
  9.  Austin, Texas
  10.  Asheville, North Carolina