There are more than a dozen members of the Opelousas General staff along with patients from the public who are sick with COVID-19 according to a report by KLFY.

Officials at the hospital say they have already converted the fourth floor to treat only COVID patents, and they are also in the process of doing the same thing with the fifth floor.

Dr. Kenneth Cochran says that some of their staff members have already recovered from being sick, but he added that there are others who are not so fortunate. He says those people are fighting for their lives.

He says since the virus is being spread in public they don't know for sure where the workers got the virus, but he says they have changed even more about their procedures to do everything they can to make sure no one else becomes infected.

The doctors are reminding everyone to stay at home to stem the tide of people becoming infected with the virus.

The general rule right now is that if you want to visit someone, they are asking that people use FaceTime to do it.


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