A group of protestors marched in front of the Lafayette Police Department on Friday demanding the release of the video from the shooting of Tevin Lewis.

Lewis was shot by Lafayette Police on Saturday September 12th when he allegedly pulled out a gun on officers while they were serving a warrant. However, eyewitnesses on the scene say that Lewis never pointed a gun towards the officers.

Protest at Lafayette Police Department 3, KPEL photo

Lafayette Police say that they recovered two guns from the scene, and that one of the guns was tied to Lewis' wrist.

Police have obtained video surveillance from the scene and they hope this clears things up as the investigation moves forward. We should note that the investigation of this shooting is being shadowed by the Louisiana State Police and the FBI.

Protest at Lafayette Police Department 2, KPEL photo

Tevin Lewis did survive the shooting and was treated at a local medical facility in Lafayette.

Lewis' attorney, John Milton, tells KPEL that they have filed a Freedom of Information request in order to get a copy of the video surveillance that police have of the shooting.  The surveillance video comes from a private citizen who has also requested the return of the video.

KPEL spoke to Lafayette Police Spokesman Paul Mouton who told the station that they are having the FBI analyze and enhance the features in the surviellance video as part of their investigation.  He says it will be released as soon as that is done.