Suspicion is running high on Brad Paisley‘s tour with Scotty McCreery and the Band Perry. After McCreery pranked Paisley last Saturday night (Feb. 25) at their Springfield, Mo. show, the young singer started watching his back more than normal. And, with only today and tomorrow (March 3) left in their run together, McCreery must just be itching to see if Paisley’s going to retaliate.

Saturday night, McCreery came out onstage during Paisley’s song ‘Celebrity’ dressed exactly like the headliner, even down to a fake goatee and the white cowboy hat. Responding playfully to the gesture, Paisley tweeted later that night, “So some young smart@$& who looked a little like me & a lot like @ScottyMcCreery showed up tonight…”

Since then, McCreery has been left wondering what prankster blow might be coming his way this week. While he may be playing it cool in person, the young star belied his true feelings by leaving a chalkboard in his dressing room that read “High alert for any suspicious activity from BP’s camp.” After seeing this message, Paisley tweeted, “Think the @ScottyMcCreery crew is a wee bit scared I’m gonna retaliate for his prank? This was in his dressing room,” followed by a picture of the sign.

Responding to Paisley’s tweet, McCreery hit Twitter and wrote, “@BradPaisley hahaha, guess that never got erased… But not gonna lie, I was singing scared tonight!” McCreery only has to make it through tonight’s Knoxville, Tenn. show and then Saturday night’s appearance in Lexington, Ky. We’ll have to keep an eye on Twitter to see if the ‘Remind Me’ singer dishes it back or simply lets the younger singer simmer in suspense.

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