Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still has dealt with an emotional offseason. His focus has been on things much more important than football.

His 4-year old daughter, Leah, is battling Stage 4 pediatric cancer. Her medical bills are expected to range in the millions.

The Bengals announced this week that proceeds from Devon Still jersey sales will be donated to research on pediatric cancer.

Upon hearing of Still's situaton, New Orleans Saints head coach purchased 100 Still jerseys, with plans to distribute them to a Cincinnati hospital.

With negative news surrounding the NFL right now, it's nice to see  Payton showing an act of support and kindness to an NFL player in need.

Purchasing 100 jerseys certainly helps raise money for Still's daughter, but his act also draws more attention to a worthy cause. As this story is covered by the national media, it will help sell more Still jerseys, and ultimately, give his 4-year old daughter and others suffering from this callous disease a better chance of surviving Stage 4 pediatric cancer.