Seven big SEC baseball series’ highlight the seventh weekend of conference play this week.

In the east, after six weekends of play, Florida is 12-6, with South Carolina two games behind, at 10-8. Following those two are Kentucky 9-9 at, Vanderbilt at 8-10, Georgia at 7-10, Tennessee at 7-11, and Missouri at 6-12.

In the west, Alabama is 12-6, followed LSU at 10-7, Ole Miss and Mississippi St. at 10-8, Arkansas at 9-9, Texas A&M at 8-10, and Auburn at 7-11.

Let’s take a look at the respective conference series’ schedule for this weekend, with the statistics entering play earlier in the week:


TENNESSEE (25-14, 7-11) at #6 LSU (31-10, 10-7)

This is a big series for LSU, who trails first-place Alabama by only one game in the loss in the SEC West.

In the hitting department, LSU ranks 11th (.268), with Tennessee eighth (.279).

In terms of pitching, the Tigers, led by right-hander Aaron Nola, who is first in the conference with a sparkling 0.88 ERA., currently rank fourth as a team (2.36), while the Volunteers, who feature Andy Cox, who ranks third with a 1.62 ERA., rank eighth (3.26).

Scheduled game times are 7 pm (cdt) on Thursday, 6:30 pm on Friday, and noon on Sunday.


#18 ALABAMA (28-13, 12-6) at #8 SOUTH CAROLINA (31-10, 10-8)

This match-up will feature a second place team in the SEC East, taking on the first place  squad in the SEC West

In the pitching department, South Carolina rank tied for first (2.10 ERA.) in the SEC, while Auburn ranks 8th (2.93)

The Gamecocks feature Jack Wynkoop, who is 5-2, with a 2.07 ERA., while the Crimson Tide, who feature John Keller, who is 5-1, with a 1.94 ERA.

Offensively, South Carolina ranks tied for fifth in hitting, at a .282, while Alabama ranks fourth in hitting, at a .283, and second in home runs, with 28

Game times are scheduled for 6 pm, 1 o’clock, and noon, Friday-Sunday.


MISSOURI (18-21, 6-12) at #12 FLORIDA (27-14, 12-6)

In this series, the first place team in the SEC east will take on the last place team.

Missouri ranks 13th in team batting average, at a .260, and 13th in pitching, with a 3.97 ERA., while Florida ranks ninth in hitting (.273) and ninth in pitching (3.34).

The two teams will play on Friday night at 6pm (cdt), and then on Saturday morning at 11 o’clock, and on Sunday at noon.


#13 OLE MISS (30-12, 10-8) at #23 KENTUCKY (27-14, 9-9)

This match-up will feature two top 25 teams, who are in third place in their respective divisions.

In the hitting department, Kentucky ranks first (.305), with Ole Miss second (.304).

Kentucky's A.J. Reed leads the conference in all three triple crown categories, hitting .372, with 16 home runs, and 53 runs batted in.

In terms of pitching, the Rebels, who feature Chris Ellis, who ranks sixth with a 1.72 ERA., rank second (2.10 ERA.), while Kentucky ranks tied for 11th (3.52).

Scheduled game times are 5:30 pm (cdt) on Friday, noon on Saturday, and noon on Sunday.


TEXAS A&M (25-17, 8-10) at #22 MISSISSIPPI ST. (27-15, 10-8)

Both of these teams are looking to begin a win streak to close out the final few weeks of the season, but we have to get started this weekend to do that.

Offensively, Mississippi St. ranks tenth in hitting (.270), while Texas A&M is third (.287).

Pitching-wise the Bulldogs rank tenth in ERA. (3.36), while the Aggies currently rank tied for 12th (3.52).

Game times are set for 6:30 pm, 6:30 pm, and 2:15 pm, Thursday-Saturday.


GEORGIA (21-19, 7-10)  at #14 VANDERBILT (30-12, 8-10)

Both teams are under the .500 mrak in league play, but both are talented, and have a chance to jump-start their seasons, so this is a big series.

Georgia ranks 12th in team batting average, at a .261, and last in pitching, with a 4.14ERA., while Vanderbilt ranks seventh in hitting (.281) and fifth in pitching (2.47).

The two teams will play on Friday night at 6:30 pm (cdt), and then on Saturday at 3 o’clock, and on Sunday at 1 pm.


AUBURN (23-19, 7-11) at ARKANSAS (26-16, 9-9)

Neither one of these teams are currently over the .500 mark in league play, but they are a combined 14 games over .500, overall.

Auburn ranks tied for sixth in hitting (.282) and seventh in pitching (2.95 ERA.), while Arkansas ranks last in hitting (.258) and third in pitching (2.33).

Games times for this series are scheduled for 6:35 pm on Friday, 6:05 pm on Saturday, and 1:05 pm on Sunday afternoon.


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